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Project management & Corporate culture

Systemic project management is holistic

People are the focus

People make projects and companies successful. We focus on your employees, skills and talents and on bringing them to light and using them in the best possible way in your company environment.

Everything is related to everything

As in a mobile, everything in our life, our environment and thus also in the project and in the company is connected to everything else. We help you to broaden your perspective and to see the connections. This makes high-quality decisions and solutions possible.

YOU know the solution

You are the experts for your business! You and your employees know the solutions to your problems. In the hamster wheel of daily business, it is often difficult to find access to this knowledge. We support you as a “catalyst” and “lateral thinker” in finding a solution.

How we support you

We support national and international companies in the training of project managers and project staff, coach projects that do not produce the desired results and train managers to strengthen corporate culture and team building. We conduct our seminars and trainings on-site in your company in and outside Germany/Europe as well as via videoconference. Especially for the area in Southeast Asia we bring a lot of experience.


When will you come to us?


When forming a new team


Before project start


During a project with undesirable course


If you want to promote teamwork & corporate culture


If you conduct workshops yourself off-site

Our services at a glance

Classic & dynamic project management

If you need assistance in managing your project, I can help you choose the right method and help you plan and implement your project successfully.

Project coaching

I work closely with the project team to jointly define goals, develop strategies, and identify and overcome potential obstacles.

Coaching of project leaders and project management

I help project managers and team members improve their leadership skills, learn effective communication techniques, and develop strategies to overcome challenges.

Cultural Development

A strong corporate culture can help teams understand each other better, communicate better and thus work together more successfully.

Workshop moderation

I support you professionally in the conception and implementation of workshops in and outside your company

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