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That is what I stand for

Thomas Plackner

Trainer | Consultant | Coach

No one has only one side. Not even I.

And if I, like all people, have only one heart in my body, it beats for two very different passions.

One passion is my international work as a trainer for executives and project managers. It takes me to different parts of the world. There I train executives, prospective executives or project managers, mostly of large international corporations, or accompany them in the area of project management. My years of experience as an executive in a large international corporation have laid the foundation for this.

My second passion, which I realized a few years ago, does not lead out of my home country. Instead, it leads me into nature, into my vineyards, where I practice natural viticulture and experience the power of creation in the growth of the vines every year.

Do you think these are two very different things? In part, yes, but both also have a lot in common.

Unsere Philosophie

1. the focus is on people

People make projects and companies successful. We focus on your employees, skills and talents and on bringing them to light and using them in the best possible way in your business environment.

2. everything is connected to everything else

Like in a mobile, everything in our life, our environment and therefore also in the project and in the company is connected to everything else. We help you to broaden your view and to recognize the connections. Thus, high-quality decisions and solutions become possible.

3. YOU know the solution

You are the experts for your business! You and your employees know the solutions to your problems. In the hamster wheel of daily business it is often difficult to find access to this knowledge. We support you as a “catalyst” and with the additional view from the outside in finding solutions.

4. sustainability

Sustainability as a coach? How does that work?

By checking, for example, which seminars have to take place in presence for effectiveness and which can take place online. Online seminars save travel and CO² for all participants.

My references


Well-known companies that train their executives and project teams nationally and internationally. Feel free to ask me personally for more details.

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